About Us

The exam express is a commercial brand under Infyson Technology Pvt Ltd having corporate office at Sigma Data Tech Park,Bengaluru and regional office at Delhi,Mumbai,Kolkata,Ranchi,Bhubaneswar.The exam express team is involved in research and development work in assessment segment. We are not only involved in research of path finding formulas but also maintain readiness of candidates into revision process.

We are not just guiding candidates on the psyche of the test but also preparing for the look alike examination programe for every competitive examination which will surely help everyone who wants to join their dream services. To cut the competition at all levels of employment requires a support system that enables the students of the institutions not only to achieve academic success but also to find a comfortable placement in life.


The exam express want to establish itself as a pioneer and ethical organization providing best in class look-alike examinations for revision of candidates by leveraging technology, infrastructure at the remote locations across country.


Our aim is to reduce the number of examination for candidates in near future & be focused.